What makes fuel prices?

Fuel prices are made from

  • Taxes and fees
  • Administration costs
  • The value of fuel, which is affected by fluctuations in the oil
  • product exchange price
  • Logistics costs
  • Markup


The price of oil products on the stock exchange is determined in US dollars, so the ratio of the US dollar to the euro exchange rate is very important. Thus, fuel prices are indirectly affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

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Fuel price fixation

Taking care of your stability – SIA Straujupīte” offers price fixation, starting from 60,000 liters, and for a term of 1 to 12 months, upon individual request.

How does it happen?

• Contact us
• We agree on the amount of fuel
• We agree on the term by which you plan to withdraw the fuel at the specific price
• We will deliver the agreed quantity to you and you will be protected from uncontrolled and unexpected stock exchange fluctuations!

Taxes and fuel prices:

Final fuel prices in Latvia include the following taxes: excise tax, value-added tax, and state reserve tax.

Taxes are included in the final price of fuel, and they are one of the main factors that reflect fuel prices and their differences between countries, including Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland.

The state fee rate for maintaining safety reserves is 14.35 euros per ton of oil products released, sold, and consumed in free circulation in the territory of the Republic of Latvia. The rate is determined in the Cabinet of Ministers’ regulations No. 450 of June 11, 2014

In Latvia, VAT and excise tax rates are determined in the Value Added Tax Law un Law On Excise Tax.

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